Our Approach

Our approach is fairly simple.  We start by understanding your business and vision.  Identify where risk may exist, and assist in addressing that risk.  Prescribing a solution without understanding the “why” only addresses the symptoms and doesn’t address the needs of the organization.



What are you trying to accomplish?

Maybe you have an objective in mind, or maybe you need some help from someone who has been down this road.  We can assist either way.  Identifying an approach to security that aligns with your organization and meets your expectations is the first step.

How do you define success?

Let us help meet expectations. The first step is to define what those expectations are. We can work with your organization to identify the success criteria for establishing and meeting your needs from an IT and Cybersecurity perspective.

How do we overcome obstacles?

Experience has shown that nothing worth having is easy. We can assist. We have worked with organizations just starting a Cybersecurity practice and those with a massive budget and a mature practice. We can help identify and avoid obstacles from inception.

When do you want it done?

We all know Cybersecurity is a discipline and it doesn’t end, but the projects and engagements need to have a well defined set of objectives that include closure. We have experience bringing simple to complicated security projects to completion.

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